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In all the impeachment fervor over the last 3 years it seems as though no one has noticed an enormous mastodon sized elephant in the room. I will attempt to shine a light on it with this writing.

First, some disclosure on my own political biases. I am not a supporter of any political party. As I approach mid life I have become more and more disgusted with the entire political process. I have been around long enough to remember when the Democrats passionately stood against the Bush era Patriot Act, domestic spying, and endless war only to see that passion vaporize in the instant Obama was elected. Only to ultimately become curiously uninterested when Obama used Bush’s domestic spying apparatus to spy on Trump during the election. These types of “I’m against it now but I’m fine with it when my team is in power” issues are rampant on both sides of the isle and, in my opinion, the main reason why the federal government needs to be dismantled. It has become a weapon that the populous fights over for the purpose of bludgeoning the other side. I don’t want to participate in this masochism any longer so I don’t. I don’t support the office of the president so it doesn’t really matter to me who is in the office. So I think that makes my perspective somewhat unique and impartial.

Reflecting back on politics that I can physically recall, back to the Bush I presidency, it all seems very shady to me. That was the 90’s though and that was a different time but even back then there was a sense of elitism that was growing among the ruling class. It was really after 9/11 that the whole thing ramped up. In the wake of the towers coming down the government laid the foundation for a police state here at home and a MILITARY INC. war machine that can operate any where at anytime with no real restrictions including public or congressional approval. These knee jerk reactions to 9/11 are what ultimately set into motion what has lead us to today.

By the time Obama took office it was obvious to everyone in the government that you need to capitalize while you are in power. Bush created a “turn key tyranny,” where all the leeway a government needed to run rampant were put into place or, in cases like domestic spying, already up and running. Instead of reeling all of this in, Obama took the key and turned it. To be honest, that key was eventually going to get turned one way or another.

The next eight years of Obama we saw the government go totally out of control and because he was likable and our first minority president most people just sheltered their own sensibilities and went along with the narrative. The U.S. got involved in more conflicts rather than less. When running for re election Obama bragged about ending wars in Afghanistan and told us Iraq was winding down. Nobody batted an eye as he got America involved in Libya unilaterally and illegally. Then in Syria we were providing support, arms and training to the same radical Muslim crackpots that MILITARY INC. was created to stop. Again, Obama was completely unchallenged by the media and the lame timid challenges put up by the opposition were dismissed as political and eventually faded. Then there was Benghazi. The most audacious of them all. What was going on here? What where we doing over there? Not one single journalist ever asked Obama what exactly what he was doing during the 14 hour battle! This happened right before the election and Mitt Romney himself lacked the common curiosity to even ask Obama to his face. Then to finish out his term Obama employs the same domestic spying apparatus that he promised to dismantle by spying on his opposition to ensure that his schemes could go on in perpetuity and the media doesn’t even care. Now, I don’t claim to know all that is going on here. All i know is that the situations listed above lack any plausible explanation that doesn’t involve corruption and lack of curiosity coming from the media and the general public is chilling.

If there was anything that any semi conscious person should have gathered from the 2016 election it is that the democrats have a problem with corruption. The tarmac meeting, Hillary email and server scandal, the DNC server hack, confirmed collusion with the media (Donna Brazile), and so on all played a huge role in getting Trump elected. Yet they have not addressed this corruption in any way nor have they been compelled to address it by the media OR the Democrat electorate. Instead they doubled down on corruption and are trying to unseat a president who got the job as a direct result of their corruption in the first place. They presented a dossier to the FISA court that was created by an opposition research firm (Fusion GPS) funded by the DNC that was full of unverified information provided by an unreliable witness in Christopher Steele. Trump still won which brings us now to why Trump won’t be impeached.

Okay, Maybe Trump will get impeached but probably not under the circumstances you’d like. The Democrats are bluffing big time. They need to keep hammering on Trump to knock him down a peg before the election but they can’t go so far as to actually get impeachment because if they do they expose themselves to the process of legal discovery. Which means Trump gets subpoena power to build a defense. This is the Trump card (sorry I had to do it). Imagine what would happen if Trump could compel, under the power of subpoena, the DNC server that was supposedly hacked by the Russians. Based on the fact that they never turned it over to prove that Russia hacked it, I have no other choice but to assume they are either hiding some damaging information or they are lying about the hack. Imagine what happens when Trump starts to subpoena everyone involved with the FISA warrant. Who verified signed off on the dossier and why, knowing that it came from a source that the FBI previously deemed unreliable and compiled by an opposition research firm,Fusion GPS who was working for the DNC? How would all this information jive with what went on in Libya, Syria, and at the Battle of Benghazi? What was Hillary involved in that would compel her to set up a private email server in her basement and then wipe it clean AFTER it was subpoenaed?

The power elite know that this information can not come out in a court of law or many of them will end up in prison. Even if Trump is guilty on all charges, the transgressions of the Democrats will take center stage. Personally I think if Trump was really this 4-D chess guru that his flock thinks, and if he truly believes he is innocent,then he should call their bluff and goad them into impeaching him. An idea that he seems to be aware of here. Impeachment for Trump is a win win situation.

Here is a tweet of mine from April 2019 predicting that the Dems won’t impeach during the Russiagate fiasco.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Prediction: the Democrats will never impeach Trump because the process of discovery will will shine a light on ever more corruption with the Democrat party.</p>&mdash; Mike Hulbig (@mhulbig) <a href=”https://twitter.com/mhulbig/status/1120631876618805248?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>April 23, 2019</a></blockquote> <script async src=”https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Nonetheless, I for one support impeachment. Not because of how it might benefit one player over another but because our government has been up to no good for a long time. To me the prospect of an impeachment trial is two-party mutually assured destruction. I would love nothing more than for both parties to be airing out each others dirty laundry under oath where the punishment for fake news and disinformation is punishable with jail time. To me, the federal government has become the most dangerous church in world history. Americans, in general, need an event that will cause them to question that faith. When Trump won the election and subsequently took over the domestic surveillance panopticon and MILITARY INC. speculated that would be scary enough for people to loose faith. It wasn’t. I underestimated how hard people cling to faith. I can only hope now that impeachment comes and that the curtain is pulled back and the people of America get to see, in full view, just what crimes and injustices have been perpetrated on people across the world so an elite few could gain in money and power.

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