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If you want to take someone else’s production you should answer what is keeping you from building your own.

Check out the full video here.

Check out this twitter thread on Tim Pool’s gorilla journalism series Timcast on YouTube. You can see me in the screenshot! After triggering a robust discussion about capitalism I get top tweet (briefly)… then Count Dankula rolls in and steals my thunder! But I’m grateful, because Tim did a video in the wake of the activity and my little name (Join my Yodalorian fan sub on reddit if you haven’t already btw) is forever embedded in Tim Pool’s catalogue… and in a post about capitalism! My favourite subject as my readers well know.

I wonder if Twitter will soon give me a blue check with all this play I’m getting online these days? Do you believe I’m who I say I am, yet? Please verify me, I love you. 🙂 —@IVerboten

Says Socialists Are Stupid And Lazy… and he’s right.

You can check out the original thread here.

While my specific tweet wasn’t especially popular it was enough to get things started and oh baby did the fire works fly. Tim likes working. They don’t and there in lies the issue… He reminds us these modern socialists are “not the utopian-ist, Star Trek futur(istic) socialists they claim to be. They’re lazy and they’re stupid and they’re shocked and outraged at my criticism of them”. Vapid, entitled… claiming a high school dropout got ahead bc/ of private school.

Shoot first, lose interest before asking questions later.

Snotty, childish memes and insults are about as much effort as they can muster. By contrast Tim is doing very well in his career by “refusing to back down and working as hard as possible”. Placing work ethic as the prime means of production from which the rest naturally follows. “Means” are tools.

Anything might be a tool and therefor socialists might feel they need to seize anything. Where a capitalist is restrained by production requirements a socialist is unrestrained, taking what they want when they want on almost any pretext whatsoever.

Who can define exactly what someone finds useful? It’s as personal as the appraisal of any capital. Capital being defined as anything with the power to effect an economy… which in practice is to say any significant move an adult makes in the real world.

When others try to control our private means of production for any reason, no matter how well intentioned, the results are invariably destructive in the long run. This is a well studied area of political science with a very high death rate to motivate the research. There is no disputing the lack of efficacy of socialism in the academic world…

…beyond so called “social science”(the made up bastard child of political science that nobody likes or takes seriously) which let’s face it isn’t real science. Ya I said it. Social science has about as much to do with the real world as astrology… less even… and the damage done to so many smart, kind young people… but I digress.

For years I’ve written about socialism and capitalism. I started my first technology business at 19 and after 20+ years cultivating my boodle I got some things to say! Economics truly is the most divisive subject, even more than religion these days. Well… maybe not, but close.

As a capitalist and an artist that’s my favourite kind. That’s where the natural opportunities manifest, in the unexpected, unpredictable spaces. If you’re willing to work hard like Tim Pool to do what’s necessary to capitalize on those opportunities you can get involved in the conversation… attract others to the dialogue… and find your name staring at you from a video one of your favourite public intellectuals posts on one of your favourite Youtube channels.

If you like what Tim does please subscribe to his channel Timcast. Like and share this video! Or send a donation to his website and support his work.

Thanks for reading my stuff! A final thought about writing article after article on new platforms with limited reach on subjects that bore the shit out of most people… one of the deep pleasures of my life (next to programming) and the people I admire are starting to notice…

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