226. inspector (chief) japp, his real name is sam – ryan onstott

inspector (chief) japp (his real name is sam,
sam (sergeant) poirot, but japp is more jazzy)
the stockholm song screamers fleet street from steaming
the clues that the merkel of riping beneath them

shoved them back squarely — between them, though, wearing
a pulled-up coat collar, bees was bewaring —
a conscript in caught (if) stockholm is coughing —
they’ll send him to scrubs (and without even stopping)

bees had absconded murchills from, on the
news that the saturn II rocket had fallen
(flopped), and the merkel let loose in, upturned him,
for feeling he’d angela out of, had germed a

you can’t if you shove six weights (or a ton)
of milk flour, a person, expect it to function,
and bees (for some reason) responsible (seemed it),
and set off to stop rogue the angela reaping

riping is right, if milk flour rises
above degrees (eighty, in celsius), binds with,
coagulates into murderous rage —
and that’s when inspector (chief) japp found the trail

TO SEWERS, he screamed, but the stockholm song sheep
were starting to sing, so no-one (police)
could hear him (to follow), alone in the hollow,
the bottom, the bowels of stockholm, he bottled

waddled, he waded in sewer slop made of
bits of old glass and TV displays (if you
think that i’m going the downstairs route, know that
japp (chief inspector) poop doesn’t go with)

upright, he is fine, he’s belly, he’s wise
(he’s got one, and also two feet, and two eyes),
japp jostled sofas and broken jeep motors,
the thin film of angela merkel, tip-toeing

meanwhile, releasing from stockholm song screamers,
bees had the sewers followed (into, the) chief (the)
hoping to hide the merkel (who’s died)
before swedish prostitutes riping (for) try (her)

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