Look for solutions from within – Vladimir Anisimoff

I was born in 1950 in the USSR and have lived there all my life and I know what I write about.

Each political and administrative structure of society is always based on the mentality of the ethnic group that created it. Russia (the Russian Empire, the USSR, the Russian Federation) has always been a territory with an ethnic group for which idleness, theft and meanness are the basis. US was created by active immigrants from Europe and it is based on the so called American Dream — from zero by honesty creation way up to wealth.

Well, over time, according to the universal law of disintegration and mixing everything into dust and micro particles, exactly, and North America has undergone a convergence of idleness, theft and meanness in the United States, but at this stage it’s not as deplorable as Mr. Mike Meyer supposes. The US is accustomed to a quiet life and the upheaval caused by the change of traditional leaders to the criminal-oriented President Trump leads the thinking populace into confusion. But it’s not yet a tragedy!

This is the normal course of recovery for a severely ill American ethnic group. The American dream will have wined — that is the people of America.

The most main — thinking populace must understand to be alive they must to rethink our Information Age in which too much fake information is. Namely, this fake info allows all modern political trash picks up into on high. It is the same in Europe. If humanity will be to live than US will survive with the greatest probability, exactly.

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