Same protester yelling 'Trump is innocent' at impeachment hearing called for Obama to be lynched

If you’re wondering who the man was shouting before House Judiciary Committee members during Monday’s presidential impeachment hearing, here you go: It was InfoWars host Owen Shroyer, the same man who called for former President Barack Obama to be lynched earlier this year.

Shroyer started his latest rant addressing House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler directly. “You’re the one committing treason. America’s done with this. America’s sick of the treason,” Shroyer shouted. “I’m not going to sit here and watch you run an impeachment scam and remove our vote. We voted for Donald Trump.” 

Wait a minute. Who voted for Trump? Last time I checked, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but I digress. Shroyer went on to shout that Democrats are trying to remove Trump because they don’t like him. “Americans are sick of your impeachment scam! They’re sick of the Democratic treason,” he said. Shroyer finished his speech with a final, “Trump is innocent.”

But wait, there’s more. The frequent ranter in June had made even more violent remarks in discussing the far-right news site Breitbart’s article “Emails Show Obama‘s State Department’s Role in Anti-Trump Coup Cabal,” according to Newsweek. Shroyer suggested during his anti-Obama rant that the former president was “treasonous” and should be killed. 

“Folks, Obama was emailing Hillary Clinton on her illegal server under a secret name, that came out in emails. And he claimed he didn’t know she had it,” Shroyer said, according to Newsweek. “Barack Obama is a treasonous … he belongs in jail. He belongs in Guantanamo Bay. I mean look, I’m not saying this should happen but Barack Obama, you know, find the tallest tree and a rope.”

Shroyer sounds just about as logical as Rep. Doug Collins arguing that Democrats are only pursuing impeachment because they’re bitter about losing an election against Trump. It has nothing to do with a July phone call in which Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate political rival and former Vice President Joe Biden. Only, it kind of does.

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