UK General Election 2019 News: Boris Johnson Nips Corbyn in Polls

Photographer: Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

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The polls vary, but they all agree that Boris Johnson is ahead. With no more set-piece events of the sort that might trip the prime minister up, that doesn’t look a bad bet.

He’s taking his message to England and Wales this week, going in on a simple theme: Give me a majority and I’ll get Brexit done. For Labour, the hope is that they can pull their voters home, and that, just like last time, the polls turn out to be wrong.

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For more on the election visit ELEC.

Coming Up:

  • Labour’s John McDonnell will give a speech on the economy in central London at 11 a.m.
  • Johnson will start the day campaigning in North East England, and will finish it in the South West.
  • Labour leaderJeremy Corbyn will address a rally in Bristol at 1 p.m.
  • The BBC will hold a Question Time debate for an audience of under-30s debate in York to be broadcast at 8.30 p.m.


  • The chances of a Conservative majority has risen to 80% — the highest level so far — according to Betfair.
  • The Tories maintain a ten-point lead in the polls, according to the Guardian’s poll tracker.
  • Headline voting intention shows the Conservative Party on 45%, compared to Labour’s 31%, according to a Survation poll conducted for ITV’s Good Morning Britain show.
  • A BMG poll showed the Tories with 41%, Labour had 32%, and the Liberal Democrats at 14%.
  • Here’s a summary of recent polls.

Catching Up:

  • Johnson unveiled his party’s three-tier immigration plan, though the details suggested it will change little from the U.K.’s existing points-based system.
  • Labour announced a ten billion pound ($13 billion) plan to ensure free personal care for the elderly.
  • Remainers’ hopes to stop Brexit is a fight they are poised to lose with Johnson on course to secure a majority.
  • Johnson said a leaked Treasury impact assessment from his own government was wrong on the issue of checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.
  • The FT reported that government officials have questioned whether there’s time to implement Johnson’s Brexit plans by Dec. 2020.
  • Chairman of the Conservative Party James Cleverlyapologized for Islamophobia in his party, but said there was a “massive gulf” between it and Labour’s problems with anti-Semitism.
  • Scotland would vote in favor of independence from the U.K. if Brexit goes ahead, according to a new poll.

The Markets:

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