Over 30 Tarrant Democrats have filed to run for office as filing deadline passes

A whirlwind of activity as candidates filed to make it on the Democratic Primary ballot.

There was a whirlwind of activity at the Tarrant County Democratic party headquarters as candidates completed filing their applications, paying their fees and turning in their petition signatures in order to be eligible to be on the Democratic primary ballot.

The 2020 election looks like it is heating up where Trump’s dangerous agenda and racist rhetoric will be at the top of the ticket. The Democratic Party will have 16 names on the ballot in Texas and we are hoping to encourage and ensure Texans complete their ballot by voting for Democrats all the way down the ballot. Leaked Texas Republican memos are telling us what we already know — that they are scared of having Trump at the top of the ticket.

Deborah Peoples, Chair of the Tarrant County Democratic Party said, “I think we’re going to have a real surprise in Texas and I think they know it and that’s why they’re concerned.”

Flipping Tarrant completely blue in 2020 is doable if enough Tarrant County Democrats and Democratic leaning voters actually turn out to vote. In the article above Former Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who came close to unseating Republican Senator Ted Cruz last year, is now on a mission to help Democrats flip the House. Of the 11 House Districts located with in Tarrant County, 3 lean heavily Democratic, 3 lean Republican. There are 5 flippable Texas House Seats within Tarrant County. These seats all have Republican incumbents but are within ten points of flipping Democrat. Having Beto’s help in Tarrant would help us tremendously since he helped flip Tarrant last year.

Peoples said, “We expect to see him a great deal in Tarrant County because five of those races we need to win back the Texas House are going to be won in Tarrant County.”

Peoples at the 1:25 mark talks about what’s at stake in Tarrant for Democrats.

On down ballot races there is a lot of interest in the Democratic candidate for Tarrant County Sheriff, Vance Keyes and a host of other down ballot county races. Tarrant County also has a field of ten judicial candidates running in district court races. We all know what’s at stake this election season and you can help us. Please donate at donate.tarrantdemocrats.org

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