Republican senator tries to pretend she just got a phone call when confronted by veterans

Arizona’s interim Republican Senator Martha McSally’s seat is up for grabs this coming year. She is not well-liked in general—the late Sen. John McCain, whose vacated seat she was given, has family that seem to be less than thrilled by her—and while the race is close, she trails Democratic candidate and retired astronaut Mark Kelly. A couple of months ago McSally feinted that she might be open to the impeachment of Donald Trump, but as Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republican ranks have settled into the idea of becoming an undemocratic oligarchy, Sen. McSally and her made-up ethics have also dissipated. 

Defend American Democracy posted a video, purporting to show a few military veterans trying, rather politely, to have a discussion with Sen. McSally, surrounding the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. Sen. McSally, like a true American hero, picks up her phone and begins to pretend she is on it, while trying to briskly outpace the veterans asking her for her thoughts on Trump’s impeachable offenses.

It’s a truly cowardly display and hits McSally in what normally would be her strength—veteran affairs. This comes on the heels of reports that while making headlines for calling out military “slumlords,” Sen. McSally has received quite a bit of campaign money from those very same “slumlords.”


McSally has been pretty loud when barking about veteran affairs, but that dog don’t hunt.

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