US neoliberals using Jeremy Corbin’s loss in the UK election as a weapon against Progressives in the US

For those who aren’t familiar with the political atmosphere in the United Kingdom, here is a refresher. Yesterday, the UK held a general election, which resulted in Boris Johnson winning most of the seats in the government. Boris Johnson is the leader of the Tories that is the UK’s equivalent to the Republican party in the US, while Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labor party that is the UK’s equivalent to the Democratic party in the US. The Tories won the election in a landslide victory. For voters, the main issue of concern with them is the Brexit controversy.

The Brexit issue focuses on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union; the country has been a part of the European Union for 46 years. Throughout Corbyn’s campaign for Prime Minister of the UK, he did not give a definitive answer on what his stance was on Brexit. This led to his downfall in the general election.

Neoliberal politicians and their supporters in the US, are using Corbyn’s loss as a warning for progressives running in the 2020 Democratic presidential race, and those who are running for positions in the US Congress and other public offices. Almost like clock-work, mainstream media outlets started publishing articles, pushing the fear mongering narratives on voters that going “too far left” will cause the reelection Donald Trump as president. Instead, the Democratic establishment controlled-journalists wants voters to focus on pragmatism or incrementalism over going against the status quo. Pursuing the establishment means going against them and the elite class in the Democratic Party wants to remain unchanged and wealthy.

The policies Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is campaigning on threaten their plutocratic and meritocratic power. The theme of his 2020 campaign is universality. He believes in Medicare for All and wrote the bill that all the Senators who have taken part in the 2020 presidential race, backed in the Senate when the legislation was first put forth by Sanders. The Senator wants free college education, a reconstruction of the justice system, better pay for teachers, etc.

These policies will benefit the lives of voters greatly. It will surge America’s economy to an all-time high, as the government under Sanders would bail out everyday Americans, similar to how the Obama administration bailed out Wall Street companies responsible for the 2008 Recession. But for neoliberals to appease their donors, they have to attack Sanders and his policies. By doing so, these establishment Democrats disregard the plight of the American people.

And this inaction by Democrats to grow a spine and stand up to big money donors will inevitably lead to the reelection of Donald Trump for a second term as President of the United States.

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