5 Ways Mayor Buttigieg Could Win the Nomination by a Landslide

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg might be able to win the Democratic nomination by a landslide. There are just a few people standing in his way, but with a little bit of luck, Mayor Buttigieg might get the nod. Here are five ways Mayor Buttigieg could win the nomination by a landslide.

1. Vice President Joe Biden: If Vice President Biden drops out and endorses Mayor Buttigieg while Senator Warren, Senator Sanders, Andrew Yang, and others divide up the non-establishment vote, the polls might start to look lopsided in Mayor Buttigieg’s favor. Why would Vice President Biden drop out? He could have a major gaffe, a health moment, or some unknown scandal for his decades in Washington. In any case, Vice President Biden would most likely look to Senator Klobuchar or Mayor Buttigieg to carry the moderate torch.

2. Iowa and the Media: If Mayor Buttigieg finds a way to surge in Iowa, the momentum could carry him through the early states on free positive media mentions. It is conceivable the one candidate could win Iowa in a big way. Imagine 6–7 candidates getting 5–20% and one candidate getting 30–35%. This could be Mayor Buttigieg. While Senator Sanders, Senator Warren, and Senator Klobuchar are in Washington discussing impeachment, Mayor Buttigieg will be connecting with voters in Iowa. Maybe Mayor Buttigieg’s Midwestern charm will resonate and his first win in Iowa will be branded as a 10-point blowout. Probably not, but maybe.

3. Black Voters: For any number of reasons, Mayor Buttigieg doesn’t have significant support in communities of color. This will be a big problem in the general election. If Mayor Buttigieg acknowledges that black voters are not a monolith, and spends a ton of time, money, and creativity on winning over the hearts and minds of Black voters, then he may see a major bump in the polls going into Super Tuesday.

4. A Global Moment: Many of us remember the coverage of President Barack Obama’s 2008 speech in Berlin. It was a moment that confirmed that President Barack Obama would command the respect of the international community. Granted, that was in July after winning the Democratic nomination (but before the 2008 Democratic National Convention). If Mayor Buttigieg can find a way to get on the global stage and show that he too can command the respect of the international community, then he would likely see a major surge in support. This would also chip away at one of Vice President Biden’s central arguments that he is the only one that can show up on day one and command the respect of the international community. Mayor Buttigieg just needs to insert himself into a global moment… easy enough, right?

5. Voldemort: Mayor Buttigieg has been branded by many as the “boy wonder”. And, there is no question that there are a lot of people that want a younger President. What could make the boy wonder skyrocket in the polls? If the current president were to attack Mayor Buttigieg in a non-trivial way, it is conceivable that Democratic voters would throw their weight behind Mayor Buttigieg (Harry Potter) simply to take down Voldemort. Mayor Buttigieg needs a Harry Potter moment where Voldemort attacks him and Mayor Buttigieg miraculously survives. And then all the good wizards defend Harry Potter. Can you imagine the memes? Can we just go ahead and start making Mayor Buttigieg Harry Potter memes? Maybe Mayor Buttigieg should poke the orange bear in the White House and see what happens.

Setting aside a landslide victory as a possibility, Mayor Buttigieg might also fair well in a brokered convention. This is assuming he doesn’t lose a significant amount of supporters for his corporatist demeanor, and assuming progressive democrats can see past that. It is conceivable that a brokered convention results in a progressive-moderate hybrid ticket. Many of us would be ok with him on the ticket as the candidate for Vice President, mostly because we’d love to see a debate between Mayor Buttigieg and Vice President Pence. There is no doubt that a Warren-Buttigieg versus Trump-Pence debate series would break the internet.

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