The revolution must be led by the rebels! – Shihab Basit

I think the greatest problem we have as a country is that those in positions of power, the people running this country, were disproportionately liked by their teachers at school. A person’s school days, and their experience of school can, I believe, be a great proxy measure for working out who should be in positions of power. Those who were successful at school, not necessarily academically, but socially, liked by either their teachers or their peers, have no understanding of how and why society needs restructuring and changing. Things have always worked for them, doors were opened, everything has always slotted into place, they see no reason for change, the status quo works in their interest.

In fact, just a few days ago, I was watching a clip from Educating Yorkshire, and I found that I related to the misbehaving students. The teachers were wankers, I hated them. I hated their spurious claims about success, their moralisitic attitudes, and their universilisation of social and cultural norms which were in no way universal. The pupils saw that all that their teachers said was bollocks of course, but they lacked the vocabulary to explain why. This creates a broader question for me. Is it that wankers become teachers, or is it rather that teachers are socialised to become wankers while in their job? Either way, this much is clear, if you were a behavioural problem at school, you may just be the person we need to lead this great great country.

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