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Leonid Brezhnev

This is not a coincidence. There are to many facts to support my claim. And if you know your history you will recognize these events. I do, because we had history in school.

Why do DNC want open boarders? Why did the Clinton and FBI frame Donald Trump with a Russia and Ukraine hoax ? Why did the democratic candidates become socialists and neo Marxists ? Why have DNC been overtaken by the radical left, neo-marxists and socialists? Why are professors in the US marxists? Why is Trudeau making Canada a socialist country? Why do canadians believe communism is a good thing? Why do democrats despise republicans and embrace socialism in South America?

The american people have forgotten the Cold War. Or they may not be aware because of the marxist professors and the growing hispanic population.

What we are witnessing today is a bizarre act of socialism spreading on the north american continent. Democrats want to change the foundation of the americana, the Constitution. They want to destroy the american way of life and wipe out the history of the United States of America or alter it in favour of socialism and neo marxism.

The impeachment process of president Trump was an eye opening for many people. It was the last peace of evidence.

What we are witnessing is a formation of a new Warsaw Pact, a new Brezhnev Doctrine. I don’t think Bernie Sanders and his comrades realize, because they are used in a larger plot. It started with “social democracy” and became Neo-Marxism in just a few years. This Neo-Marxist Pact is growing and in under 10years it could be a reality. If the radical left get majority it will escalate and history repeats it self.

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