I’m really too damn tired of all these fake sexism smears

When you’re a girl and you grow up playing sports there’s a constant knowledge that you have to prove everything physically. And although I know it’s the competitor in me, I did enjoy proving everyone’s assumptions wrong through solutions like one I like to call beating them all in 21. And once that fight, however literal, was finished, you receive a new level of respect. But that level of respect should already be there, and it’s hard and tiring to constantly have to fight and prove yourself and trust me, this most definitely is not limited to women. So when people trivialise that fight and accomplishments made cause of it, trivialise the true power that women have to prove ourselves, and trivialise the real problems we face in the patriarchy by putting up fake outrage regarding fake claims of sexism, to put it simply, it’s peak.

I know most Pundit McDunces out there like to believe that their outrage at misogyny is real, but at best it’s selectively manufactured. Selective in the sense that it’s only employed when they can weaponize it to smear someone else. Within days the Neera Tandens of the Twitterverse have chosen to be outraged at “sexism” towards Elizabeth Warren whether it be demanding Kyle Kulinski not make fun of her dancing which, I mean you’d be wrong not to make fun of, or calling Bernie Sanders a sexist claiming he doesn’t think a women can become president. First of all demanding women can’t be criticised or made fun of is insulting in itself, but we’ll get back to that. But where is this outrage when DOCTOR Jill Stein was being called a Russian agent? For every smear Tulsi Gabbard has to face? When mainstream media suggests women only support Bernie Sanders to find dates? Solidarity for Chelsea Manning for helping to expose war crimes? Do you know how many people have suggested that people only support Tulsi because of her looks? And I’ve heard nothing from bluecheque twitter about this. These people spare outrage only for those to agree with them or fit into their agenda. In doing so, they masquerade as the ones who actually fight to end sexism and to prove themselves in this patriarchy.

On top of their so called outrage or advocacy being selective, it’s clearly manufactured. If they really cared for women’s causes, their outrage would be followed by support, real support. Not just, “Oh Nina Turner’s crazy so she doesn’t deserve our support,” but “I disagree with you, but I will fight for you and your rights.” It’s a similar case to those who pretend to care about the First Amendment, but then don’t support Julian Assange cause Wikileaks exposed something they found too uncomfortable. If their advocacy were real, they’d do more than be angry, they’d support women who fight to prove us every day, they’d support Chelsea Manning in her struggle, and they’d commend all the women who work so hard to get the right people elected, male or female. Did you know that at the same time as all this drama with Bernie and Warren was taking place the WNBA reached a historical collective bargaining agreement? Listen, even if you don’t follow sports like that, if you care sooooo much about women’s rights, this should have caught your attention considering within the new agreement their salaries are raised, they have better travel conditions (i.e more leg room on planes), and PAID MATERNITY LEAVE. I’ll do you one better even before this new collective bargaining agreement was reached Allyson Felix broke the record for most gold medals in the world championships (previously held by the GOAT, Usain Bolt) after nearly everyone dropped her because she had her daughter. Do any of these people who yaaaas queened Megan Rapinoe still support women’s soccer? Or did they just enjoy tokenising her in the same way they did Lebron? I could list manyyyyyy more instances where women deserve support, outside of sports as well, over fake outrage but I’d digress. If you’re going to be outraged, you have to follow it with support as well; in the same way where if you’re going to call out a problem, you have to be prepared with solutions. The anger we’re seeing isn’t centered on uplifting women, it’s centered on taking someone else down which in this case is anyone who doesn’t bow down to the democratic establishment.

Once you get past the obvious inauthenticity of these sexism smears there’s the fact that they probably set us back more than they could ever help us. Just look at where the current complaints from the establishment comes from, they come from discontent that one of their candidates who just so happens to be a white woman is tanking. They even threw a fit cause Kyle Kulinski made fun of her dancing in the same way he makes fun of 98% of politicians cause yes, the answer to sexism is to shield Warren from insults towards her quite horrid dancing. I for one, as a woman, am especially grateful that Warren is tanking and think she deserves it. To shield her from any legitimate scrutiny by claiming any criticism of her is sexist enables a patriarchal view of women that we’re soft or weak and I’m not here for it. I know way too many women who are absolute crusaders to accept the idea that a woman must be cradled and shielded from any criticism in order to succeed. Real advocacy against sexism needs to include targeting the very system which enables it and supporting the women who fight that system. The Neera Tandens and Hillary Clintons of the world won’t fight to against massive income inequality, the rise in human trafficking, the lack of paid maternity leave, rampant corruption, or many other real threats which women face because of this nefarious system, so I don’t know how some people still think they fight for us. Though it’s harder for us to succeed, the answer is to fight and dismantle the system that enables our needless struggle, not to perpetuate that same system by forcing establishment women down our throats.

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