SIG Range Day 20 – Smart Shooter

SIG Range Day 20 – Smart Shooter

Israeli company Smart Shooter demonstrates their SMASH system mounted to a SIG M400 carbine. SMASH is a small arms fire control system that combines a thermal imager and algorithms to acquire a target, lock on to it and then effectively engage it. Once the target is selected and locked, you keep it in your sight picture and depress the trigger. The weapon will knot engage when a proper firing solution is found. Using it, I was able to easily engage moving targets out to 200 meters.

Seen here is the trainer version on a generic stick which is used to show new shooters how to use the system. Thanks to the thermal camera, it can be used in day or night. Additionally, the sight picture can be shared with others via C4 systems.

The system can be used to designate and Additionally, SMASH has been used to engage drones with M4 carbines.

SIG CEO Ron Cohen told me that they are going to work with Smart Shooter in the future and introduce some of their technology into the system such as BDX.

This system makes the average shooter more accurate and can be used for individual precision shots out to 300m. Naturally, you don’t have to use it if you need to engage multiple targets at once.

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