Before he was Moscow Mitch, McConnell wanted to hear all the impeachment witnesses

Oh, Moscow Mitch. I mean, it’s clear he thrives on being a blatant hypocrite. Normal people’s anger at his total commitment to his complete lack of principle and wanton destruction of our republic seems to be his fuel. So, here we go again. Here’s what McConnell, who is now blocking every effort by Democrat Chuck Schumer to expand the impeachment with documents and witnesses, said in 1999.

“I would have been prepared to vote for whatever the House managers wanted in terms of putting on their trial. That was not the majority view, but I still think we had a mountain of evidence upon which to make a decision,” McConnell said. That was after the trial, in response to Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Specter, who broke ranks and eventually became a Democrat, when Specter complained about a lack of evidence. He added,  “My view was that we were entitled to witnesses. […] I voted for live witnesses myself. I voted for the one live witness the House asked for and I voted to allow the videotaping of the witnesses they asked for.”

What a difference having a Republican president makes, if you’re Moscow Mitch.

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