Humanity VS Artificial Intelligence – Akram Mustafa

Which would you bet on in a War?

Over the last two decades, there have been quite a few films that have given us a very clear image of what the future could look like, with Robots up and about.

Stealth & I Robot in particular, hit the nail on the head for what reality may have in store for us later on. Let’s look a little deeper under the hoods of these motion pictures.


Here, we have a chance to see what life with advanced AI in the Military might look like.

Badass, I’ll admit that.

But still, as you can see, there is no human pilot behind the wheel/control stick of that thing. No Man & Machine synergy taking place up there. Just … pure machine.

The story of how these world-class pilots go about completing their missions with Eddie around (also know as Tin Man, but officially, its EDI — Extreme Deep Invader), doesn’t end well. I mean, it does, but not for AI fans, and not without casualties.

The ending just makes you wonder. Are we going to have more of the “I said No, human” side of robots coming out to greet us more often than not? How do we go about getting in touch with the sentimental side of Eddie on a regular basis? Preferably 24/7?

And is it worth the trouble?

A little while back, in June 2018, an article about AI in general was released in the US through a magazine publisher — the Atlantic, by a notable geopolitical consultant named Henry Kissinger. In it, he talks about robots learning to beat the best of us out there at complex games like Chess.

I imagine, that when it happened, it was more of a “wow, what a smart robot!” moment that left us in awe of its potential. This, however, covers up the “wow, okay, so this thing is officially smarter than us … ” thought quietly observing in the background.


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