Never Again – Dave Weiner

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Time for me to climb up on a soap box. Tonight, as we normally do on Tuesday, we watched “Finding Your Roots”. Tonight’s episode was 3 Jews (Jeff Goldblum, Terry Gross and Marc Maron). As expected, each one’s history included a lot anti-semitism and losing family to the Holocaust. Jeff Goldblum’s father fought in WWII, and afterwards, he would get very confrontational when he encountered anti-semitism.

I get that, alot. While my experiences visiting Dachau in the 80’s was nowhere near the same as what Jeff Goldblum’s father went through, it still changed me in similar ways. After that, I became much less tolerant of anti-semitism.

My generation, growing up, was almost force feed the history of the Holocaust, because our parents and grandparents wanted us to be able to recognize the danger signs. That’s the history of the Jews going back for eons — They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat. And each time a group of people tries to kill us, it furthers natural selection. The survivors pass on the history, the warning signs, to the next generation.

And that’s what really pisses me off about what’s going on with the Trump administration, specifically Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller. Those two can’t be more than half a generation behind me, yet they not only condone what’s going on, in the case of Miller, he actually helps architect it.

We Jews have a saying — “Never Again”. It’s not “Never Again, but only if they’re Jews”. It has no qualifiers. It applies to everyone. Black, white, brown, hispanic, asian, whatever. To me, Kushner and Miller are traitors to their heritage.

Ok, I’ll climb down now.

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