Trevor Noah Destroys Alan Dershowitz’s Impeachment Hypocrisy

Comedy Central

On the first day of the Senate impeachment trial, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah took a look at the “insane” legal team that President Trump put together to defend him. Not only does it include Ken Starr, who ran the investigation that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment but also Alan Dershowitz who famously defended O.J. Simpson. (Both men also defended the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.)

“These lawyers are perfect for Trump,” Noah said, “because they have experience with super-guilty people and super-horny presidents.”

And while Trump’s defense is planning to argue that he should not be removed from office because the articles of impeachment do not constitute “criminal” acts, Dershowitz specifically argued the opposite during the Clinton trial. “It certainly doesn’t have to be a crime,” he said in 1999, “if you have someone who completely corrupts the office of president.”

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