Republicans Block New Impeachment Evidence Then Whine About Being Bored

Senate Republicans have prevented the Democrats from introducing any new impeachment evidence during Trump’s trial, but they still have the audacity to whine to the press about not hearing anything new from the Democrats. This is all part of their plan to make it seem like the Democrats have nothing new to report, and the public is likely to buy into it. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Well folks, we have another day of the impeachment trial
ahead of us here followed by a weekend of the impeachment trial where Donald
Trump’s lawyers will be making their case when nobody is paying attention and
Donald Trump is not happy about that. But uh, here’s the thing, let’s go ahead
and recap what’s happened so far this week. Adam Schiff obviously got up there
and gave a tremendous opening statement and Republicans weren’t happy about
that. And in the procedural votes, Republicans voted to not allow witnesses to
not allow any new evidence to be submitted, but they are going to allow the
evidence from the house impeachment inquiry. So I guess that’s a positive.
Other than that, we saw Republicans and Democrats incredibly fidgety, tired,
sleepy, leaving early, walking out in the middle, nobody, it seemed wanted to
actually be at this impeachment trial other than obviously Adam Schiff. Adam
Schiff was loving it. Adam Schiff is getting a lot of love from the media, a
lot of love from a Democrats and Progressive’s online who otherwise would not
be paying him any attention and certainly wouldn’t be paying him any

So Schiff is digging this. The rest of the Senate body,
not so much, but here’s an interesting thing that happened earlier this week
after Republicans voted to not allow any new evidence and to not allow
witnesses. They actually told the press, they complained about the fact that
Schiff is down there just telling us things that we already know. You know,
he’s not telling us anything new. It’s boring. They said, he’s not telling us
anything new. Gee, I wonder why that is Republicans. Maybe it has something to
do with that vote you had taken 36 hours prior were you said, you can’t tell us
anything new, but here’s the thing. Republicans are banking on the fact that
the public is not going to understand those procedural votes, and to their
credit, they’re probably right. Six months from now, Republicans are going to
be out there campaigning and they’re going to be telling the public, Hey,
Democrats launched this impeachment farce.

They didn’t give us anything new. They didn’t tell us
anything new, and it resulted in Donald Trump’s acquittal. Isn’t that pathetic
of them? They wasted two years doing this. What a bunch of losers. That’s what they’re
going to say. Some of them may be, they’re going to say that verbatim. We don’t
know yet, but they’re going to say some form of that, and it’s going to be six
months after the fact, and the public’s going to forget about it. Now you’re
probably going to have one or two people in that crowd stand up and say, well,
didn’t the Republicans vote to block witnesses and evidence? And then the
Republican candidates going to say something snarky. Make everybody laugh at
that person and everybody will move on and forget about it. And that’s the
problem with this. It’s the problem with this entire impeachment inquiry, anti
entire impeachment trial.

It’s happening too early. If we had done this in
September, I’m going to stretch it out a little bit in October. Oh man. Public
would be on the Democrat side as we head into November, but unfortunately this
thing will be wrapped up prior to Valentine’s day. Everybody’s gonna forget.
We’re gonna forget the little nuances. We’re going to forget Ted Cruz’s
ridiculous press conferences where he’s very clearly setting himself up for a
future presidential campaign while lying about what the Democrats did. We’ll
forget all of the little bad things, all of the little lies, and the main thing
the public’s going to remember is that Donald Trump got acquitted. Some will be
happy, some will be furious, but that anger won’t last. The happiness probably
won’t last either. We know what the outcome’s going to be and we know that the
public is going to move on, and that is the saddest thing about this entire
impeachment trial. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious. Donald Trump committed crimes.
Donald Trump should be impeached. Donald Trump should be removed from office.
Unfortunately, Republicans are never going to let that happen, and they’re also
going to do everything in their power to lie to the public just enough to make
them think this was a fair trial.

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