This Electric Kettle Gives Me Total Temperature Control to Make the Perfect Tea, Coffee, or Oatmeal

While it would be anathema for a household in the UK to be without its electric kettle, our house was without one for years, yet we never felt anything was missing. If I wanted hot water, there was always the stove or microwave ready to oblige, so why get yet another kitchen gadget?

Ah, but get one we did, and now I use it so often I take it for granted that I can have hot water heated quickly and precisely at the mere push of a button.

Before we talk about the Brim Precision Goose Neck Kettle, however, let’s talk about hot water. I’m willing to bet that you – like I used to – think all hot water was created equal.. It had never really occurred to me that different foods and beverages call for different water temperatures, the same way they need different oven temperatures.As it turns out, the same boiling water I was using for the kids’ instant oatmeal actually isn’t ideal for making pour-over coffee, which can be made too acidic by overly hot water, for steeping various kinds of tea, some of which need high heat and some not, or for, say, a noodle dish. (For pour-over coffee, go with 200º F, by the way. Green tea calls for 160º, while black tea merits a full 212º, AKA boiling.)

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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