America is Putting People in Debt – Tammi Brownlee

We, the people, can change this

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In 2020 debt is at the top of everyone’s list. A threat which implodes within a person’s mind, creating fear of what will happen to them should it get too high. Life circumstances play a role as each day is not a guarantee everything will work out perfectly and in your favor.

The cost of living has increased steadily over the last fifty years. Most households require two income streams. With both parents out of the house working there is a higher need for daycare. Another debt, when we are already struggling with affording basic necessities.

The basic necessities are a home, food, clothing and a means to get back and forth to work every day. According to Forbes, in January of 2019, 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck. It is not surprising to see that a household making $100,000 a year is finding it hard to survive in the world.

While there are many states that have adopted their own minimum wage, the federal minimum wage is still set at $7.25 an hour. That equals $290 for a 40-hour week. Minus taxes a person is probably looking to bring home about $217 a week.

According to Payor.com, only about 32% of the states across America have enacted their own minimum wage of more than $10 an hour, with many increasing at some point throughout the year.

Meanwhile the cost of living is rising higher each year. This increase causes many to utilize their credit cards more which only adds to the burden of debt. This has eliminated the middle class. You are either poor or rich, nothing in between.

We haven’t even touched upon health insurance. With the increasing amount of illnesses and diseases the need for adequate health insurance is another added burden. Not to mention the mandate to have and maintain minimum coverage. The federal mandate is over as of January 1, 2019, but many states still have their own mandates.

Insurance premiums have risen tremendously. A single plan can cost in upwards of $150 a month. A family plan can cost about $350 a month. With this fee taken out of a person’s paycheck every week.

When I was employed as a manager I paid each week for health insurance. My premium of $45 was deducted from my paycheck each week for a single plan. In June of 2019 I broke my ankle and needed to see specialists. I was also out of work and my employer only let me use a week’s worth of sick time and I hadn’t accrued my vacation time. I was out of work for four weeks.

I spent three weeks with no paycheck and had already accrued $2500 in medical bills. My deductible was $3000, so I had to pay the bills out of my own pocket while getting no paychecks. Before I had a chance to go back to work they sold my store which left me without a job because I was out on medical. The new company didn’t take me on as an employee.

And my insurance was canceled. Leaving me with trying to figure out how to see the doctor. This is part of a life circumstance I wasn’t prepared for. Unemployed and can’t find a job because I am still injured and can’t walk around or stand up for long periods of time.

How is a person supposed to survive when they get knocked to the ground?

Who is to blame?

There is no real answer to the questions, sure the politicians are not helping. They only see the money going into their own pockets. But most are elected officials, we need someone who is going to reshape the government seats with people who know how to live in today’s world, not the world of yesterday.

The America that was envisioned has not turned into the America that was wanted. None of us have our freedom as most of us are indebted to our debt. We need to elect new people in the government, most of the politicians have been in their seat for far too long. We need change to our economy and our way of life, otherwise we are all going to fall hard.

We need to educate ourselves on the ones who are running for any office and make informed decisions when it comes to who is going to run our country. They are supposed to represent us, the Americans, not themselves.

We all need to get out and vote, it is our duty to make sure the right people are in the right seat to support us.

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