How Constant Losing Makes You Better at Life – Mat

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I notice that people who love to watch sports don’t seem to get so triggered over political stuff.

Some people are incredibly volatile and miserable when it comes to politics.

They’re always triggered and ranting about stuff in their conversations and social media posts.

I think it’s because sports people are used to losing. “Their” team is always losing, so they’re used to things not going their way. And there’s always another game next week. And there is very little likelihood that their team is going to make it to the championship game. Losing and not getting your way is the norm when it comes to being invested in watching sports.

But some people put all their hope in a political party or specific candidate. When things don’t work out, they feel that they’ve lost their way of life. They had invested all their hope in that one thing.

There’s another sports game right around the corner, another championship game in a year. But for politics, the loser candidate (and the losers who supported them) will likely never have another chance. Sure, the party will have another shot, but not for 4 more years. That’s a long time to wait.

When you’re fanatical about sports, you’re used to losing and there are plenty of more chances to try again.

But when you’re fanatical about politics, it’s all or nothing. There is only one shot. And it’s so depressing when you lose. It feels like all hope is gone.

Constant losing will help you be a lot more mellow about the whole thing.

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