Bulwark of Democracy, or Damsel in Distress?

By John Trumbull — US Capitol, Public Domain

What a peaceful depiction of our first politicians, stylishly dressed in knee socks, perfectly coiffed powdered wigs, and exuding decorum and profundity. I learned about them in K-12 history classes. I was reminded of them ever time I saw their faces imprinted on our money.

Despite all those years of constant exposure to them and their quotes, it was nothing compared to the past year. Incessant quotes they may or not have said and what they might possibly think during the partisan hearings by the House to find something (anything) to impeach President Trump. Both parties lionize the founders, and the documents they created to achieve our current form of government. Both parties trotted out whatever a founding father said, thought, or imagined, to fit their narrative.

The primary distinction between the parties, (besides which quotes they cherry picked to match their side), was the Democrat’s professed lack of faith in the constitution. In spite of praising the vision of the founding fathers, and the durability of the constitution they created, they repeatedly gave much unintentional praise to Donald Trump. In all their posturing, and restating “the rule of law”, they frequently said they feared one man, Donald Trump, is stronger and more intelligent that the the founding fathers, congress, and the populace, combined.

If not for the Democrats, bravely protecting democracy, they would have us believe, he would overpower the constitution, declare himself president for life, and and reinvent the US in a way that would make Nazi Germany look like Disney World. We get it. You, the Clintons, Obama, and Bloomberg are still pissed that Hillary lost in 2016. After all, the Clinton’s owned the DNC, pushed Sanders aside, and was all dressed up for her acceptance speech. Despite all the machinations of the Clinton’s in the DNC and CNN, she still lost. DNC’s darling being beaten By a reality TV star (that had to sting). How could that happen? She won the popular vote! Because of the inclusion of the Electoral College in the document you claim to revere. It was the 12th Amendment, put in place to protect against “mob rule” of a pure democracy.

To get your revenge, you put out a plot line that President Trump will destroy our country forever if you don’t save us. (Wish I owned stock in the phrase “Existential Threat to Democracy.”) Make up your hive mind, Democrats. Is the Constitution durable enough to survive one president, or is it the politically incorrect damsel in distress that only your party can save?

Come on, guys. The constitution has survived more than two hundred years, through good and bad presidents, senators, and representatives. Yes, it’s true that the constitution is extremely fragile, and could turn to dust the moment it’s display case is opened. But the constitution is not that piece of paper. It’s the words that matter. And the words in the constitution is neither fragile nor frail. So stop trying to scare us with the orange-haired bogey man. It will continue to stand, protecting us from you, as it has throughout other periods of unbridled lust for power and money. Today, then two of the three branches of government are blinded by lust for power and money, bowing to lobbyists and the party leadership, we’re still standing.

Guess what? We will survive you, too. No matter how you twist the media, blame voting machines, Russians, and any other way you can try to cheat yourself back into office, we will still vote you out of your cushy part time jobs. Part time jobs, which by the way, pays you more than a family with two incomes.

While you were having your non-stop ad campaigns, bolstered by the propaganda media arms, those of us here in the real world are pissed. Pissed at you for wasting our money and time. Pissed at Trump or Pelosi. Pissed at each other because CNN, FOX, and MSNBC are amplifying your partisan vitriol, so it is seldom possible to discuss anyone or anything in Washington without causing a fight.

Then came the plot to impeach the President, beginning on his inauguration, a non-stop campaign to either find something bad about Trump, or make it up. Then came the impeachment drama, which both parties didn’t have to be just about the It could also be a goldmine for unlimited free political advertising on all the propaganda press and media. So what is the most effective way to exploit the marketing bonanza? Spend millions of dollars, and untold time on a partisan House of Representatives’ inquiries, to hold and broadcast strictly partisan impeachment hearings, then dumping a half-baked accusation to tie up the Senate for a partisan show trial. To top it off, anyone with a brain knew the House would Impeach, and the Senate would acquit. But the two parties have come to realize what a golden opportunity the impeachment noise would be for everyone. It is more than a year of free media coverage for everyone’s election campaigns. Both sides can spout of the party’s talking points, while looking serious and concerned and trying to deceive us that you’re doing it for us. But we’re on to you and your free advertising for your next run for office. (That is to say tax dollar funded advertising.)

Speaker of the House displays her remorse after tearing up the 2020 State of the Union Address. Literally behind President Trump’s back. Photo by Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call.

What will your grandkids think about you when they learn in history class about your legacy for the past four years? Is the photo above going to define your years of self service? You have effectively quashed the ability for normal people to discuss the impact of what you did without risking familial backlash? Spewing anger like a crop duster over the population, just to keep us aware and angry about all the wrong things, with the added benefit of finding a way to keep from doing your actual job. Remember all your campaign promises? To serve the people who voted for you. We’re on to your sound bite moments, your campaign lies, since the the rest of us whom you profess to serve, are slowly slipping deeper into debt. Killing people in other countries or getting killed to preserve your corporate interest. Making millions choose between keeping their house, or to receive lifesaving treatment.

You think we are stupid to notice that despite a raging economy, the streets continue to be filled with homeless, and more and more Americans are a paycheck away from joining them? And despite all the feigned outrage over the situation at our southern border, no legislation has been made to fix our immigration laws.

I am not so arrogant as you politicians in Washington, claiming to speak for “The American People”, but this American Person didn’t vote in the 2016 election so a bunch of kids could go to Washington to have schoolyard fights, to see who could amass the most money and power during a perpetual recess.

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