‘Why Not?’: Team Trump’s Plans to Attack Bloomberg for Racist, Sexist Things Trump Has Also Done

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos Getty

If Wednesday night’s Democratic debate didn’t kill Michael Bloomberg’s electoral chances, Donald Trump’s lieutenants have an idea for how to do the deed should the former mayor make it to the general election.

The president and his political henchmen are preparing a full frontal assault on Bloomberg that leans heavily on leveling racism and sexism allegations against him. Much of what Team Trump has been gunning to slam Bloomberg for—including allegations his business faced for mistreatment of women in the workplace, and the unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policing program he championed as mayor—could boomerang on the president himself. Trump has been personally accused by numerous women of sexual assault and has vociferously supported stop-and-frisk policing in the recent past.

Trump’s campaign and White House staff know they risk charges of hypocrisy. They just don’t care.

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