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I was out driving my car one day heading for a blind date and ended up in a crossroad and did not know what direction I should choose to get there.

Photo by Christopher Rusev on Unsplash

There was three people sitting there and they seemed to be arguing about some issue I did not know. I was kind of late and needed both gas to be sure to get there and to know what direction to choose. One of them was a priest, the second was a politician and then this kind of familiar and charming woman with an alluring smile on her face. I needed to interrupt their conversation and told them about my errands, and what way to choose to find my date.

The priest told me I should go to the left, then I could stop by his church and pray that I had enough gasoline to get to my date he was sure lived further down the same road.

The politician said he was not sure, but if I took it to the right I will find a gas station and I could buy enough gasoline to bring me to my date he thought lived straight ahead.

The woman smiled and told me one of them believe and the other is a liar. Listen to me, she said. I could bring you to both destinations without the need of turning my car.

Guess what happened?

I opened the door on the left side and let the woman in. Then I started the engine and turned my car away from the believer and the liar, and we left the crossroad both with a smile on our faces. Do you know in what direction?

Still I don’t believe, and I never listen to those I know are liars…

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