Alternative Ways To Run The Democratic Primary – Jane Austen’s Wastebasket

Let’s make choosing a presidential candidate less stressful

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This election cycle has been exhausting. Yet I wonder how much of this is due to do with the candidates themselves vs. how long and drawn out the process of choosing a presidential candidate can be. Perhaps if we changed how the primaries are decided we’d all be a lot more engaged and less stressed. The DNC doesn’t have to worry. I’ve already thought of some pretty great ideas for how we can pick the perfect potential president.

Make a reality show called “Voting Blind”

The beauty of it all? It’s over in one month! And since they won’t need to pay for staffers or travel, everyone will save a bit of money that can be better spent in local communities.

Go really old school

How would we do this? Well, the Greeks used to vote using clay tablets or rocks. So let the person who knows their presidential choice cast the first stone!

Though if someone tries to hurt another citizen with their rock their vote void. Just think of it as a rule. if someone can’t control their rock-throwing they can’t make a mature decision about who gets to run the country

Have the candidates go on a quest

Basketball jam

Presidential “beauty” pageant

I’m not saying that any of the above ideas are amazing. Yet if we are still accepting coin flips to decide who gets delegates then why can’t we at least consider some new fun ways to hold the democratic primary?

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