Trump’s coronavirus remarks made Dow nosedive into biggest one-day point loss in history

Donald Trump’s incompetence continues to spin in wildly dangerous directions. He has continued to make wrong decisions about the highly contagious coronavirus.

Trump went from gutting entire federal teams whose job it was to respond to pandemics to slashing funding for global health agencies to having his administration alternate between lying and revealing themselves to be totally unprepared to eventually tapping Mike Pence on Wednesday to lead the response to a virus he can’t spell.

Investors are watching the U.S.’s response and continue to react disapprovingly as markets continued a massive selloff.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunge over 1,900 points. After Trump’s blithe, rambling and borderline incoherent news conference where he tapped his veep to lead the coronavirus response,. Thursday was historically worse. The Dow nosedived nearly 1,200 points on the day alone, the index’s worst one-day point drop ever.

And yet, Trump continues to pretend that the last 24 hours have been some sort of incredible accomplishment, like Pence cured coronavirus since last night’s dinner.

Instead of being honest about the dangers of the deadly disease and mounting a responsible plan, Trump is lying to assuage fears: about disease spread, about his administration’s response, about vaccine timelines, about claiming that summer heat will “miraculously” kill the disease, about the dangers to the public.

His sole goal appears to boost markets in the short-term. Scientists around the world are sounding alarm bells and all Trump can think about is the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. For Trump, as usual, American lives are coming in no better than second place after the almighty dollar.

1,134 days in, 328 to go

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