You Can Go Broke Underestimating the Intelligence of the American Public

Serial sexual harasser and Chris Cillizza 1.0 Mark Halperin is whining about “cancel culture” again. That’s not news, but what is amusing is that via the article the sales reports for Halperin’s latest book, C-list CNN Guests Talk About How to Change the Game and Double Down on Steroids, are in:

Mark Halperin’s first book since his career was upended by allegations of sexual harassment is clearly no Game Change.

How to Beat Trump sold just 502 copies in its first week. The numbers were reported Wednesday by NPD BookScan, which tracks around 85 percent of print sales. Published Oct. 29 by Regan Arts, How to Beat Trump compiles comments from such Democratic strategists as Donna Brazile, David Axelrod and James Carville.

This book is currently Amazon’s 350608th best-selling book. It’s both hilarious and — given the book’s contents — amazing that it’s even that high. I guess Judith Regan’s next tryst with Bernie Kerik is going to have to be at a Motel 6.


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